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13 Staging Tips

When selling a house, do you do a lot of staging? You can hire a professional for it as well.

Staging can make a house look much more spacious and luxurious. It can also be used to conceal the shortcomings of a house.

Here are some tips for effective staging:

  1. Avoid Empty Rooms:

  • The ultimate goal of staging is to make the space look larger. While some sellers might completely empty rooms, the human eye can be deceived into perceiving empty rooms as smaller. Without clues about the size of the room, viewers tend to judge based on what is visible to them. Therefore, it's crucial to showcase the size and purpose of the space with strategically placed furniture.

  • 2.) Careful Furniture Arrangement:

  • The arrangement of furniture is crucial. Most people tend to scan a room from left to right. Placing larger furniture, plants, or decor items in the far left corner from the entrance can create an optical illusion of higher ceilings and a more spacious feel.

  • 3.) The Golden Ratio of Decor:

  • The number three is considered stable and aesthetically pleasing. Using this principle, arranging decor items in groups of three, such as bar tables, hanging lights, or other decorative elements, can create a sense of stability and visual appeal.

  • 4.) Focal Point:

  • Each space in the house should have a focal point, such as a fireplace in the family room or a large window in the sunroom. Placing decor items that draw attention to these focal points can help viewers understand the purpose of each space and enhance its attractiveness.

Staging is a powerful tool in showcasing a property effectively. These tips can contribute to making a house look more appealing and inviting to potential buyers. I'll continue to share more staging tips in the next post.

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