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13 Staging Tips Part 3

When selling a house, do you often utilize staging? You can hire professionals for this purpose. Staging can make your home appear more spacious and luxurious. It can also be used to hide the flaws of the house. Now, let's continue with more staging tips following the previous post.

8.) Create optical illusions with mirrors.

One thing interior designers commonly agree on is that "mirrors make spaces look larger." Especially in smaller spaces, decorating with large mirrors can make the area appear more significant. This can be incredibly helpful when selling your home.

9.) Don't underestimate the effect of curtain rods.

Avoid aligning the top of the curtains with the top of the window; instead, hang them close to the ceiling and let them touch the floor. This creates an illusion of higher ceilings, making the room look more spacious.

10.) Consider the tone and manner of furniture.

The tone and manner of furniture are crucial. Some people tend to purchase furniture solely based on its individual appeal without considering how it complements other pieces in the same space. However, if furniture doesn't harmonize with the rest, it can disrupt the balance of the room.

Therefore, it's essential to coordinate the tone and manner of furniture and accessories in the same space when purchasing or arranging them. This not only makes the home more comfortable but also enhances its overall sophistication.

Stay tuned for more staging tips in the next post.

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