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13 Staging Tips - Part 4

13 Staging Tips - Part 4

When selling a house, do you often utilize staging? You can hire professionals for this purpose. Effective staging can make your home appear more spacious and luxurious, even concealing its flaws.

Now, let's continue from the previous post.

11.) Avoid placing dressers in rooms

Dressers can make a room look smaller because they occupy a significant portion of the lower space. Therefore, professional staging companies generally avoid placing dressers in rooms (except in truly spacious areas). If you're staging your home for sale or decorating it, it's advisable to avoid dressers whenever possible. If you must have one, consider placing it in a closet.

12.) Use TVs strategically

In the past, staging companies often removed TVs. One reason was that the large wall space was covered by a simple black rectangle. Removing the TV allowed for more efficient use of that wall space. However, nowadays, large TVs are affordable, and many people consider them a standard purchase for a new home. When staging, it's a good idea to strategically place the TV to guide potential buyers on how to use that space. Don't worry about the black rectangle – modern TVs can display artwork when turned off.

13.) Prioritize natural light

It's not just about opening blinds or curtains to let in natural light. Professional staging often features bright and sheer curtains. Even when closed, these curtains allow subtle natural light to filter through. This creates a bright and spacious appearance. Allowing natural light to flood your home is essential when staging.

These are the 13 staging tips we've covered. Whether selling your house or decorating your current home, this series should provide valuable insights. I'll be back with more helpful articles in the future.

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