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20 DIY Projects Anyone Can Do

Are you interested in decorating your home with some DIY projects? However, when it comes to starting, it can be intimidating. Bob Vila Magazine, known for its robust house projects, recently published an article on 20 DIY projects that anyone can tackle.

Let's explore some of these projects together, with my personal opinions added:

  • Accent Walls with Wallpaper As you may know, the trend of creating accent walls using patterned wallpapers is popular nowadays. With peel-and-stick wallpapers, you can easily undertake this project without the need for professional help.

When working on this project, accurate measurements of the space are crucial. Ensuring the wall is as flat as possible is essential, as even small protrusions can lead to issues. Additionally, minimizing cuts is economically wise, so opting for a plain wall without windows or doors is recommended.

  • Composting

For those who enjoy gardening, making your compost can be a rewarding DIY project. Instead of buying expensive gardening soil every spring, consider creating your compost using materials like fruit, vegetables, coffee grounds, newspaper, and grass clippings. However, avoid adding meat or dairy products.

  • Backsplash Tile

Decorating the space between upper and lower kitchen cabinets with tiles, known as backsplash, may seem challenging but is quite manageable. Accurate measurements are again essential, and purchasing slightly more than needed allows for adjustments.Using tile spacers for uniform gaps and acquiring suitable end caps for a polished finish is crucial. Beginners can opt for tile adhesive tape instead of cement for an easier application. Utilizing pre-mixed grout during the finishing stages simplifies the process.

In the next section, we'll continue exploring more DIY projects that everyone can try, and I'll share my personal experiences and recommendations.

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