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5 Surprising Things Home Owner's Insurance Won't Cover

Everyone who owns a home has Home Owner’s Insurance, right? Some of you may think that with this insurance you will be fine with any problems with your home. Surprisingly, however, ordinary home insurance does not cover the following: 1. Flood

Of course, if the pipe in the house burst, the sump pump did not work, or the water overflowed in the house due to an internal problem, the insurance company will compensate you. However, flooding due to natural disasters is not covered. For example, if it rains too much and water enters the house, or if a nearby river or reservoir overflows and causes damage to the house, it is not a standard of compensation in general insurance. In this case, because the amount of compensation is too large, it is said that general home insurance does not cover it. Therefore, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) grades flood zones across the country, and legally requires additional flood insurance to be purchased in areas subject to frequent flooding. In other words, when buying a house, it is important to make sure that the location of the house you like is in the flood zone.

2. Earthquake

Surprisingly, earthquakes are not covered by most general home insurance. As in the case of floods, most general home insurance does not cover damage to your home due to an earthquake because the compensation can be huge. In this case as well, separate earthquake insurance exists. If you are in an earthquake-prone area such as California, I recommend that you have one. In addition, it is said that, in the case of general earthquake insurance, insurance premiums are lowered or rebates are given when an earthquake-preparation facility is installed in the house.

3. Mold

If mold is caused by a pipe in the house burst, the sump pump stops working and water overflows, the water heater explodes and water leaks, or the fire department sprayed a lot of water to extinguish the fire. When you compensate, the cost of mold is also compensated. However, did I mention that general insurance does not cover flood damage caused by natural disasters? Likewise, naturally occurring mold is not covered. Also, mold caused by things that can be prevented in advance, such as failure to control humidity in the house or pipes that have already leaked water, are not covered under compensation. 4. Sewer backup

Most insurance does not cover damage from sewer backflow. In other words, if your home is dirty due to backflow of sewage, you will often have to clean it at your own expense. Therefore, if you are purchasing an old house, or if there is a large tree in the direction the house's sewer is connected, I recommend that you should check whether there is any problem in the sewer of the house through the sewer scope before purchasing the house.

5. Wear & tear

I you live in a house for a long time, it can happen that your house is damaged for one reason or another. Moving furniture might cut a hole in the wall, or your child might break a window while playing. Occasionally, people asked me such as whether the floor can be repaired through insurance or can the window be replaced through insurance. Well, the insurance company does not provide compensation because it is a case of general damage caused by life, not unexpected accidents such as fire or tsunami. Please remember that. Today, we looked at 5 things that home insurance doesn't cover unexpectedly.

If you have any questions about real estate, please let me know.

Thank you

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