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6 things that make your kitchen look outdated

A pretty kitchen is very important whether you are living in the house or selling it later. This is because it is the most used space by the family. Of course, it wouldn't be nice if such an important room looked tacky, right?

Today, has an article about 6 factors that make a kitchen outdated. Let's share them.

1. Pine Cabinet

You can find it easily. It is a wooden cabinet with a slight yellowish tint. It was very popular for houses built in the 70's and 80's, or for houses built in large numbers by builders in decades after.

The solution is to change only the doors of the cabinet, or repaint them after sanding. If you apply a new color without sanding, the surface becomes thick and the color does not absorb well, and it is worse than not doing anything at all. Therefore, if you want to apply a new color, be sure to sand until the condition of raw wood, then apply a primer and paint.

2. Old style faucet

When houses are built, the faucet is installed in a style that is popular for that time. However, over time, the trends of faucets will also change. So, if the faucet in your home is old, just changing the look of it can make the atmosphere better.

3. Letter art

Occasionally, there are houses with letter art on the walls. These are props marked with “Wine”, “Eat”, etc. Even today, it is sold a lot in places such as home goods. However, this will only make the kitchen rustic, not luxurious. Instead, leaving that wall entirely blank, or filling it with paintings or photos, can make your kitchen look more stylish.

4. Old colored wall

Achromatic walls are in vogue these days. Especially light ivory or pale gray lights make the house look bigger and brighter. However, in the past, there was a time when walls colored something bright, such as green or crimson, was fashionable. We recommend repainting with a light achromatic color.

5. Lights

These days, recessed lighting is often used. However, in the old days, these and other shapes of lights were hung from the ceiling. For example, a rectangular fluorescent lamp on an island, or a dome-shaped lamp. These lights make the kitchen really outdated. You can make your kitchen look so much more chic just by removing it all, changing the kitchen neatly with buried lighting, and putting pretty lights on the island.

6. Pots and pans hanging on the wall, or a decorative cabinet

If you have shelves for pots and pans on the wall, it's a good idea to remove them. It makes it look like an American country house from the mid-20th century. It's a good idea to remove those shelves and keep your cabinets organized so that they can be neatly organized within easy reach.

Check back for more helpful articles!

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