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7 Interior Trends that are Losing Trend

As we approach the end of 2023, let's take a look at seven interior design ideas that are gradually losing popularity, according to a recent article on Since these trends seem to be fading away, it's worth considering whether they will continue to be prominent in the coming years.

1.) Curvy Sofa: Curved sofas, once considered trendy, are reportedly becoming less popular. Despite their stylish appearance, they are often uncomfortable and challenging for people to sit on. It seems that the era of this trend is coming to an end.

2.) Slab Pieces: Modern-looking slab pieces that may resemble pop art are losing their appeal. The inconvenience associated with these items seems to outweigh their aesthetic value, and the trend is expected to fade away.

3.) Gray Paint: The trend of using gray paint in interior design is predicted to decline. If you are planning a home renovation next year, it might be advisable to steer clear of gray paint, as visitors may perceive it as a dated remodeling choice.

4.) Boucle: Boucle fabric, known as 부클레 페브릭 in Korean, is losing its popularity. The soft and textured fabric used for cushions and sofas is being replaced by more practical and easier-to-maintain options.

5.) White on White: While an all-white interior may give a clean and neat appearance, it seems that this simplicity may be perceived differently by some in the United States. The article suggests using a mix of cool and warm whites and incorporating brighter colors in furniture and lighting for a visually appealing space.

6.) Clutter Core: Maximalist displays of photos and artwork on a single wall are losing favor. The trend of cluttered walls with numerous pictures or paintings is on the decline, giving way to more minimalist approaches.

7.) Bar Carts: Decorating corners with stylish bar carts containing various beverages was a trend, but it is now said to be fading. The novelty of this decor item seems to have worn off, as it became a common feature in trendy homes.

Today, we shared insights from a article about seven interior design ideas that are expected to fade away by the end of 2023. Stay tuned for more helpful articles in the future!

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