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Garden and Yard Care Tips 4

Continuing from the previous post, let's further explore lawn care.


When grass grows well, it often attracts various harmful insects. These insects, in turn, attract animals like moles, mice, and snakes because they become food sources for them. Therefore, using insecticides to eliminate these bugs can make your yard more comfortable and safer to use.

Insecticides should be used continuously from spring, when bugs start to become active, until early autumn.

Grub Prevention:

Speaking from personal experience, I once had a chaotic situation in my yard because I didn't properly handle grub prevention. Grubs are soil-dwelling beetles that feed on grass roots, causing significant damage to the lawn. Additionally, squirrels, chipmunks, and birds love grubs. So, if grubs are present beneath the grass, these animals will dig up the yard to feast on them. Consequently, small holes form, and the grass in those areas dies, resulting in circular patches of bald spots throughout the yard.

Grub prevention is typically done using chemical treatments, usually applied between April and May.


Fungus usually refers to molds and mushrooms, but in the context of lawn care, it encompasses pathogens that harm grass. Preventive measures against these pathogens are crucial. Cases where parts of the grass turn yellow and die for no apparent reason are often due to these diseases.

Disease prevention measures are typically carried out from late spring to summer.

In the next post, we'll continue exploring lawn care.

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