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Gardening and Yard Care Tips 3

Continuing from the previous post, let's further explore lawn care.


No matter how well you water and mow your lawn, weeds tend to sprout up inevitably. Therefore, it's necessary to apply pre-emergents to prevent weed growth. As shown in the calendar shared in the previous post, pre-emergents are applied twice in spring and fall but not during winter. It's crucial to time it right, typically when the outside temperature is below 55F. Pre-emergents come in various types and can be easily purchased at stores like Home Depot.


Even after applying pre-emergents, weeds still tend to grow. Hence, post-emergents become necessary, which are essentially herbicides. Handle them with extreme caution, as they contain chemicals. Especially, store them in places out of reach of children.

There are two types of post-emergents: those that target specific weeds and those that kill all plants. When purchasing, make sure to confirm with the salesperson to buy a product that targets specific weeds. Otherwise, surrounding grass will also die.

Since weeds don't discriminate on timing, it's essential to apply post-emergents from the time weeds start growing until the end of winter. It's best to apply them a day before mowing the lawn every week.


For a healthier and denser lawn, proper fertilization is crucial. Fertilizer should be applied. Chemical fertilizers are applied during spring and fall, except for the vigorous summer growth period. It's akin to athletes eating well before a match and recovering afterward. However, natural fertilizers are applied during the peak growth of summer.

Just as excessive nutrition can harm humans, the same goes for grass. Excessive nutrients can cause grass to grow in unwanted areas, discoloration, or uneven ground. Conversely, if grass doesn't receive enough nutrition, it becomes prone to diseases, turns yellow at the tips, or leaves bare patches.

In the next post, we'll continue exploring lawn care.

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