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Hardwood vs. Carpet?

Some of our clients who are in the process of purchasing a home have been asking about whether to change the flooring to hardwood or keep the existing carpet. Naturally, there are pros and cons to both living with carpet and having hardwood floors. Personally, I believe that hardwood has more advantages compared to carpet, even though it might be a bit more expensive.

I currently reside in a house where the entire flooring is hardwood. The only drawbacks I've noticed with hardwood are that it feels cold when you first step out of bed in the morning, and the house tends to echo a bit when the kids are playing. However, these are purely my personal observations.

So, what do people generally think? How many prefer hardwood over carpet? I believe understanding this aspect could be beneficial when selling a house later on.

According to a survey conducted by the well-known flooring blogger, Flooring Girl, 90% of participants favored hardwood floors over carpet. Especially in common living spaces like the living room, dining room, and family room, having hardwood floors is significantly more appealing.

In other words, having hardwood floors can be a significant selling point when putting your house on the market.

However, when it comes to bedrooms, preferences vary. Only 60% of people prefer hardwood in bedrooms. In my case, for the next house, I plan to have carpet in the bedrooms. Therefore, when renovating and considering new flooring, if your budget is tight, having carpet in the bedrooms might not be a bad idea, considering the clear preferences in this regard.

But if you prefer hardwood in the bedrooms, don't hesitate. If potential buyers prefer carpet in the bedrooms, you can always add a carpet on top of the hardwood. In other words, having hardwood in the bedrooms might not be a significant obstacle for customers who prefer carpet.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime. I'll be back with more helpful information in the future.

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