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Items that are Popular Among Interior Designers from Amazon

Lately, you might have been feeling tired of reading blog posts only about market and economy-related topics. Today, let's talk about interior design.

Recently, released a list of items that interior designers keep buying from Amazon. Let's take a look at what these items are. By purchasing these items, you can decorate your home to match the latest trends.

1.) Natural Linen Curtains

If you want a luxurious yet naturally blending window decor, linen curtains are the best choice.

2.) Vintage Looking Knobs

When refurbishing furniture or changing the atmosphere of cabinets in the kitchen, vintage-looking knobs are the easiest way to make a change. Installing these vintage knobs has become a trending way to give focal points in the home a more classic look.

3.) Wooden Coffee Table with Hidden Storage

I see similar products everywhere. These tables help keep the home tidy by storing clutter (like remote controls, magazines, nail clippers, etc.) while giving a calm appearance to the space. Wooden decor items are great because they blend in without being flashy and create a serene atmosphere.

4.) Runner Rug

Rugs are highly versatile items that can hide flaws in a home, divert attention, visually divide a space, and more. Looking at the products sold on Amazon, they come in various sizes, are very affordable, resistant to stains, and easy to maintain, making them excellent for home decoration.

5.) Wool and Mohair Throw Blanket

This item is great for adding accents to a sofa that might otherwise look plain, and it is highly functional.

6.) Bedside Crystal Carafe Set

A water bottle and glass set for the bedside. Honestly, I don't find it very practical for daily living. However, when staging a home for sale, it helps to give the house a luxurious feel.

7.) Leather Catchall

Whether it's a place to drop your keys by the front door or on a desk in the office, this product looks stylish wherever you place it.

8.) Irregularly Shaped Mirror

I think this is a product that is difficult to handle unless you are a professional interior designer. I have not seen many homes with stylishly placed irregular mirrors. However, if you believe you have a good sense of style, it might be worth trying.

9.) Gold Outlet Covers

The price can be an issue, but replacing outlets and switches with these covers can make them look very luxurious and beautiful. Though each piece might not be expensive, replacing them throughout the house can add up.

10.) Dimmable Artwork Light

Installing these can make a significant visual impact. However, they require electrical work for installation, as these are not battery-operated or plug-in models.

11.) Book Shaped Vase

Personally, I was surprised to see this item on the list. I don't find it particularly attractive. I think it would be better to buy a really elegant and unobtrusive vase instead.

Today, we looked at the home decor items that interior designers frequently buy on Amazon, as compiled by If you have any questions about the content, feel free to contact me.

I'll be back with more interesting and helpful posts next time.

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