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Listing Photos Tips - 2

In the previous post, I talked about the importance of listing photos.

So how can you ensure that these important listing photos come out well?

Let's continue to explore that aspect following the previous post.

  • Be mindful of minor mistakes.

Again, listing photos are the first impression of the home you're trying to sell. Therefore, it's essential to avoid minor mistakes when taking photos. For example, leaving the toilet seat up or having the TV on in the background can distract viewers. Additionally, if there are cars in the driveway, it's best to temporarily move them. If possible, open all curtains or blinds to allow for a cohesive view between the outside scenery and the interior ambiance of the house.

  • Illuminate the interior brightly.

Open curtains or blinds to let sunlight in, and ideally, keep all interior lights turned on to brighten up the house. It's advisable to use bulbs that emit warm or bright white light. Overly bright lights can take away from the warmth of the home, making it appear bright but not necessarily inviting. A house that radiates brightness and warmth, akin to the presence of people, is generally more appealing.

  • Avoid excessive wide-angle shots.

Sometimes, you might come across photos that use wide-angle lenses excessively to make the house appear more spacious. Let's revert to the analogy of online dating. Imagine setting up a date after seeing someone's photo, only to find out that their appearance was heavily photoshopped. It would undoubtedly lead to disappointment. Therefore, it's best to use wide-angle shots sparingly, akin to adding just the right amount of seasoning to a dish.

  • Pay attention to composition.

Real estate photos should showcase floors, walls, and ceilings harmoniously. The optimal height for capturing this composition is said to be chest level. While it might be tempting to angle the camera from the floor or ceiling to make rooms look more spacious, such photos often fall short in conveying visual information about the house. Hence, it's crucial to capture floors, walls, and ceilings in a balanced composition and arrange the background in a stable manner within that frame to ensure viewers feel comfortable.

I'll strive to return with more informative content next time.

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