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Making a cozy backyard for under $100

Autumn is coming, and the spaces in your back yard will become a little desolate.

Today, we are going to look at how to make those spaces more cozy with a low cost of $100.

(Today we are sharing a article about how to decorate your yard with low cost.)

1. Decorate your furniture in Scandinavian style

As the days get colder, if the chairs in the yard are decorated with something warm and cozy, the yard space will stand out. Decorating the chairs in the yard with cushions and fur leather with simple patterns will give the yard a cozier feel.

2. Decorate the fairy lights pathway

Decorate the small path that enters the yard or in the yard with small lights. They will bring warmth to your autumn/winter yard and enhance the atmosphere.

3. Install an outdoor mirror

Mirrors are especially helpful in making small yard spaces look bigger. Decorating one side of your yard with a large outdoor mirror will make your yard look larger and feel well-equipped. Especially if the mirror is facing south, you can have a warmer atmosphere with the gentle sunlight when you spend the afternoon in the yard.

4. Install a hanging lantern

As with any space, light installation will look better and more cozy. Install several hanging lanterns in your yard to bring light and atmosphere to the space. With four or five inexpensive hanging lanterns, the atmosphere of the yard space will come to life.

Today, we learned how to make your yard space more elegant for fall and winter at an affordable price.

See you in the next article with more helpful tips.

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