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Many customers are looking for business or office spaces, and the location is undoubtedly crucial.

Many customers are looking for business or office spaces, and the location is undoubtedly crucial. However, if the locations are similar, a well-maintained building is ideal for starting a business. This is because visitors will typically see the building before entering the business, and the condition of the building can ultimately create the first impression for the business.

Therefore, today, I will introduce six ways to determine if a building is well-maintained.

1. Branding If there is a sign of the company responsible for building management on the building's façade or in the lobby, it's a positive sign. Buildings managed by professional companies are more likely to receive expert care compared to those managed directly by the property owner.

2. Staff In spaces like offices or medical facilities, there is a high probability of having front desk staff in the lobby. You can assess the building's maintenance by observing their attire and how they interact with visitors. If there is no front desk in the lobby, examining the attire and behavior of the cleaning and maintenance staff responsible for the building's upkeep is also a good way to gauge the building's condition.

3. Common Area Maintenance Pay close attention to the cleanliness and maintenance of common areas like the lobby, elevators, restrooms, which are shared by tenants. These spaces should be clean and well-lit. This is a fundamental aspect because it forms the first impression for customers visiting your business.

4. Certification If you are looking for office or medical space, it's a good idea to have a look at the utility room if possible. The condition of the utility room's cleanliness and maintenance is a good indicator of the air quality inside the building. However, if you cannot access the utility room, it's advisable to check if the building has certifications like LEED or Fitwel. LEED assesses a building's impact on the environment, while Fitwel evaluates various criteria, including indoor air quality and outdoor space accessibility, to effectively support tenant health and well-being. There is also a WELL certificate, which is similar to Fitwel certification.

5. Presence of a Property Manager Naturally, a building where the property manager has an office inside and a system in place to meet with tenants anytime is an indication of good management. Particularly, having an experienced property manager is even better.

6. Tenant Satisfaction The opinions of current tenants in the building are the most crucial. You can assess the building's maintenance by asking tenants about their current satisfaction and experiences. Another method is to check the number of tenants who have recently renewed their leases. If many tenants choose not to renew after their initial lease period, it might indicate issues with the building.

Today, I have shared these six tips for customers looking for business spaces to help them determine if a building is well-maintained. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me anytime. I will be happy to provide more valuable information in the future.

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