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"Outdoor space is essential these days. – Part 2

"Outdoor space is essential these days. – 2

As mentioned in the previous post, many people building homes after COVID demand home office spaces and outdoor areas from architects. This is also a common request from those looking to purchase homes. Therefore, if the home you are currently selling has well-equipped home office spaces and outdoor areas, demand will naturally increase, allowing you to sell the house more quickly or at a better price.

However, what if the yard is small, and there is not enough outdoor space? In such cases, you can enhance the current space to make it look luxurious and attractive. Over three posts, I will provide tips on maximizing your outdoor space. Refer to tips 1-3 in the previous post.

The following methods are interpretations based on a blog post from the Wayfair site.

  • Clear separation of spaces is crucial.

Simply placing a table set on the lawn or on a patio or deck may not create an appealing outdoor space. In more expensive homes, outdoor spaces are well divided for each activity. However, a large outdoor space is not necessary. By placing a table and grill in one corner to create an outdoor dining space, placing a fire pit in another corner, and installing large planters or lighting between the two areas, you can significantly enhance your outdoor space.

  • Utilize lighting to the fullest.

Decorating the upper space of the outdoor area with festival lights can transform it into a more inviting space. Additionally, using lights on the boundaries that separate different areas will make your home's outdoor space look much better.

  • Strengthen the entrance to the outdoor space.

Give emphasis to the entrance from the house to the outdoor space and the entrance from the side of the house to the outdoor space. Use large planters or sculptures to add strength to these entrances. This will inspire a sense of entering a more substantial space as you go into the outdoor area.

By following the six tips introduced in the previous and today's posts, your outdoor space will look much more luxurious. 

In the next post, I will introduce additional tips that have the effect of decorating a fully completed outdoor space. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me."

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