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"Outdoor space is essential these days. – 3

As mentioned in the previous post, many people building houses after COVID demand home office spaces and outdoor spaces from architects. This is also a common requirement for those looking to purchase a house. Therefore, if the house you are currently selling has well-equipped home office space and outdoor space, the demand will naturally increase, and you can sell the house faster or at a better price.

However, what if the yard is small, and there is not enough outdoor space?

In that case, you can decorate the existing space to look luxurious and attractive. Over the next three posts, I will continue to provide tips on how to maximize the sophistication and charm of your outdoor space. Please refer to tips 1-6 from the previous post.

The following methods are interpretations based on a blog post from the Wayfair website.

7.) Add accessories.

After using tips 1-6, add charming accessories such as back cushions, lanterns, signs, etc. These small items will bring life to the outdoor space and make people want to do something there.

8.) Perform repairs and maintenance.

No matter how beautifully decorated a place is, if there are broken concrete floors, rotten wood columns, or peeling paint on the deck, it's challenging to avoid the impression of a mere showcase. Therefore, it is advisable to perform repairs and maintenance on all possible aspects within the budget.

9.) Create a focal point.

It's good to have a focal point, a place or feature that captures attention. This could be something inexpensive like a waterbed for birds or a small waterfall structure. When it comes to a fire pit, instead of just placing it, decorate the surroundings to make people think, 'Sitting there by the fire would be relaxing.'

In the past three posts, I shared tips on making your outdoor space more tempting. Once again, I want to emphasize that the spaces buyers are actively looking for these days are office space and outdoor space. Simply by distinguishing these areas from others, the demand for the house you put on the market will increase, making it easier to sell.

Even if you are not in a position to sell a house, decorating these areas well will enrich your life. Thank you for reading.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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