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Selling a House - You Need to Know What the Buyers - Part 1

How can you sell a house effectively?

Certainly, buying a good house initially sets the stage for selling it well later on. However, just because your current home might have some shortcomings doesn't mean you can't sell it well.

As the saying goes, "Know yourself and your enemy, and you shall never be imperiled in a hundred battles." In other words, if you understand what buyers want these days and highlight those aspects in your home, you'll likely sell it better.

There are common factors that buyers typically look for: the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the size of the house, its location, orientation, layout, and so on. However, even if your home meets these common requirements that most buyers seek, it might still not sell easily. Why is that?

The biggest reasons could be mismatched pricing, layout, and the overall condition of the house. But as you know, altering the layout or renovating a house requires a significant investment of money and time. Therefore, many sellers find themselves in a situation where they know their house would sell quickly if only they could make those changes, but they're unable to do so.

So, is there a way to minimize the effort and investment while still selling the house a bit better?

As you may well know, what's good for the seller may not necessarily be good for the buyer. Therefore, if we understand what buyers want these days and focus on those aspects, we can sell the house more quickly. So, what do buyers want beyond the usual requirements?

Over the past 18 months, our lives have undergone significant changes due to COVID-19.

Below are the results of the AIA Home Design Trends Survey conducted by the American Institute of Architects in Q3 2021, which reflects what customers building new homes requested from architects:

  • 70% wanted outdoor living spaces.

  • 69% wanted home office spaces, with 48% specifically wanting multiple home office spaces.

  • 46% wanted multi-function rooms or flexible spaces.

  • 42% wanted in-law suites.

  • 39% wanted exercise rooms or yoga spaces.

In other words, all else being equal, a house that includes the above features would sell better.

The new blog series will focus on ways to incorporate the above-listed features into your home while maintaining its existing structure and minimizing costs.

I hope you found this information helpful.

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