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Tree Care - Part 1

Tree Care - Part 1

Having a tree in your yard that complements your house can be beneficial not only during your stay but also when you decide to sell the house. Therefore, a guide on how to plant and care for trees would be helpful to many.

The first step in planting and caring for trees is choosing the right tree.

The easiest way to select a tree is by using tools like tree finders, which you can search for on Google. For example, you can visit the following link and answer 5-6 questions to find a tree that meets your criteria:

However, it's important to know what factors to consider, so let's go over those.

1. Region

You need to know the region where the tree will be planted. Some trees thrive in cold regions, while others do well in warmer areas. There are trees that grow well in the humid eastern regions and others that can withstand the dry conditions of the west. Choosing a tree that matches the climate of your area will ensure a beautiful garden tree.

Actually, if you visit a local nursery, they typically only sell trees that can grow in your region, so you usually don’t have to worry too much about this.

2. Type of Tree

Consider whether you want a coniferous tree, a deciduous tree, a fruit tree, or an ornamental tree. Each type of tree has its own characteristics. Decide on the type of tree you want to purchase.

3. Soil Properties

As mentioned in the previous article about lawns, different trees thrive in different types of soil. This should also be considered when choosing a tree.

4. Amount of Sunlight

Consider whether the spot in your yard where you plan to plant the tree receives full sun all day, partial sun for a few hours a day, or is always shaded. The tree you choose should match the sunlight conditions of the planting location. When you go to buy a tree, the price tag usually includes information like “full sun” or “partial sun.” Make sure to refer to this information.

In the next article, we will continue discussing how to choose the right tree.

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