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for Buyers

My MINIMUM services to my buyer clients

1. Analysis 

  1. Analyze buyer’s wants and needs

  2. Help buyers get clear pictures of their ideal home 


2. Prequalification or Pre-approval 

  1. Guide buyer to a loan officer 

  2. Help buyer obtain a preapproval letter 

  3. Help choose the best mortgage financing plan 


3. Neighborhood Information 

  1. Create a broad neighborhood search profile 

  2. Provide a list of target neighborhoods and related information for each 


4. Home Search 

  1. Organize and schedule a home search process 

  2. Ongoing updates, drive-bys, and showings of available homes 


5. Make an Offer

  1. Compare homes and make decision 

  2. Advise on terms and issues of offer 

  3. Draft offer contract 


6. Negotiating to Buy

  1. Present the offer 

  2. Negotiate on buyer’s behalf 


7. Vendor Coordination

  1. Advise and supervise vendor selections 

  2. Coordinate vendor services 


8. Pre-close Preparation

  1. Coordinate and supervise document preparation 

  2. Provide preclosing consulting 


9. Closing 

  1. Preview closing documents 

  2. Resolve last-minute issues 

  3. Complete transaction 


10. Post-Closing 

  1. Coordinate move-in 

  2. Assist with post-closing issues 

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About Sang Han

I am a pure client-centric realtor who is always pursuing the best results for my clients. With my real estate investment and marketing expertise, I will help you get what you want from your next real estate transaction.


Key highlights
​● One of the top 1% real estate agents in the state of Illinois.
● Top producer - 2019, 2020, 2021
● Over $20M annual sales volumes and 50+ annual transactions
● Active real estate investor
● Former marketing director of a number of Fortune 500 companies.
● Owner/founder of Chicago BDB real estate company and Drawbridges Real Estate Investment LLC.
● A partner broker of Platinum Partners and Realtors brokerage


I am so glad I finally can leave a review for him. He was the best realtor I have met. He listens his customer all the time and understand what we need and doing his best to support. I also believe he has good knowledge the market and work …

Sang helped my first-time home buying experience and it was such a pleasure to doing business with him. Unfortunately we didn't have much chance to do tour with him since we chose first home he showed us. But I can tell how professional …

Working with Sang was so wonderful! He knew about the areas we were looking into and what would be best for our needs now and in the future. He works extremely hard for all his clients. His communication with us while looking for houses and …

Mr. Han is the best realtor I have ever met. He has an excellent work ethic and outstanding technical skills. He never left issues or decisions to us, but he always gave us options and helps with each decision. As a customer and a friend, I …

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