Sang is


Looking for an agent who cares what's important to you?


Sang's only interest and commitment are helping his customers get what they want from their real estate transactions. He only cares about what is important to you because he knows that it is the only way to grow his business.


Looking for exceptional marketing, analysis and negotiation expert?


After finished his MBA from the Ohio State Univ. Sang has been a Marketing leader for 500 companies more than a decade. During the time, market analysis, deal negotiation and marketing execution for nation's iconic brands were his everyday life.

Now, Sang is ready to provide the same exceptional quality services to you. Why don't you experience dramatically different results from your last failure? 


Are you worried about making mistakes on your Real Estate Transaction due to your English?

Don't worry. Sang is a multilingual speaker. Clients who need a Korean or Japanese speaking agent, Sang can surely help you walk through all the real estate transaction journey without any language barrier. 


Thinking about real estate investment? Or need advice about what to improve before selling your house?


Sang is an active real estate investor with 30+ door buy and hold properties and over dozens of fix & flip experiences. Sang can help you maximize your profit from your investment or your home sales.