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"20 DIY Projects Anyone Can Do - Part 3

Are you interested in decorating your home with DIY projects? However, when it comes to starting, it can be intimidating. Bob Vila Magazine, known for its powerful house projects, has published an article on 20 DIY projects that anyone can do.

Let's explore some of these projects together, and I'll also share my personal opinions.

  • Placing Potted Plants Throughout the House

Placing potted plants by sunny windows not only enhances the visual appeal but also contributes to the indoor air quality. If you don't have suitable spaces for pots, consider hanging them from the ceiling for an exotic atmosphere.

When doing this DIY, make sure to find the wooden beam that supports the house structure to install hooks. If your ceiling is drywall and not concrete, installing hooks in non-beam areas can lead to significant problems. You can find the beam using a stud finder available on platforms like Amazon. Also, when purchasing hooks, ensure they can support the weight.

  • Refurbishing Second-hand Furniture

Purchase second-hand furniture from antique stores, sand it, and repaint it. The process is not difficult, and you can find plenty of helpful tutorials on YouTube.

  • Upgrading Light Fixtures

Bob Vila suggests that even changing one light fixture can make a significant impact.

Additionally, I recommend including door handles and latches.

If you've purchased a house built 20-30 years ago, most light fixtures, door handles, etc., may have an outdated style. Upgrading these elements to match current trends can rejuvenate the home's atmosphere. Changing door handles and latches is a straightforward task that even a 16-year-old can do. It doesn't take much time, but I recommend investing in a good power drill (preferably a driver) for various tasks.

Upgrading light fixtures is relatively simple, while changing the electrical panel is a bit different. Since plumbing work is required for the electrical panel, it can lead to significant issues if not done correctly. As someone who has renovated and sold several houses, I don't personally handle plumbing-related tasks. If you lack experience, it's crucial to have a professional or handyman assist you when changing the electrical panel.

In the next article, I will continue to share more DIY projects that anyone can do."

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