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20 DIY Projects Anyone Can Do - Part 5

Are you interested in decorating your home with DIY projects? However, when it comes to starting, it can be intimidating. Bob Vila Magazine, a reputable source for house projects, has shared an article on 20 DIY projects that anyone can do.

Let's explore some of these projects together, and I'll add my personal opinions.

13. Re-caulking Doors and Windows (Adding New Sealant)

Caulking that is worn out versus freshly applied caulking can make a significant difference in aesthetics. Additionally, when the caulking around doors and windows deteriorates, it can lead to insulation issues, reducing energy efficiency. During winter, cold drafts can seep in through the edges, while in summer, the cool air generated by the air conditioner escapes.

Therefore, it's advisable to redo this task every 4 to 5 years. The process is quite simple. In my experience, the quality of the caulk gun influences the caulking's overall quality. Investing in a good caulk gun, around $20 to $30, is recommended. Trimming the end of the caulking cylinder appropriately is also crucial. However, it's not a very difficult task and can be done by anyone.

14. Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Honestly, I believe this is not a task for everyone. To paint kitchen cabinets, you need to completely remove the existing color with sanding, starting with a primer, and applying 5 to 7 layers of paint. Most cabinets from manufacturers come already painted this way. However, not many would be willing to go through the process of sanding each cabinet and applying multiple layers of paint.

Many people opt for an easier approach, applying primer and 2 to 3 layers of paint, but this results in easily chipped cabinets, especially with light impacts. Over time, they can look quite shabby. Therefore, if you want to paint cabinets, it's advisable to hire a professional.

There are various methods for cabinet makeovers, such as the painting method mentioned earlier, replacing only the doors, or using vinyl film for coating. Explore these options and choose the most efficient method for your needs.

15. Concealing Electrical Cords

Hiding messy wires can make your home look neater. Especially when using wall-mounted TVs, concealing the wires behind the wall can enhance the aesthetic appeal.

The method is surprisingly simple. If you search for cable conceal kits on platforms like Amazon, you'll find various options. Installation is generally easy, and the results are satisfying. It's not a difficult task, so it's worth considering seriously.

In the next article, we will continue exploring more DIY projects that anyone can undertake.

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