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Anyone Can Do 20 DIY Projects - 6

Do you all have an interest in decorating your home with DIY projects? However, when it comes time to start, it can be daunting.

An article on 20 DIY projects that anyone can do was published in the Bob Vila Magazine, known for its house projects.

Let's find out together what projects there are and add my personal opinions.

  • Creating a Container Garden

Once again, is there any DIY project easier than gardening in American homes? This is the third gardening-related project chosen by Bob Vila out of the 20.

Container gardening is essentially gardening using pots. It involves harmonizing the size, color, and shape of the pots with the plants you're going to plant. I know someone who plants tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, etc., in large pots at home. When decorated well, it not only looks good but also becomes a practical garden.

  • Lining Cabinet Drawers and Shelves

By lining the cabinets in your home, you can protect the bottoms of the cabinet drawers and shelves from spills and prevent the colors from fading. It also makes cleaning the cabinet bottoms much easier.

In the past, previous generations of mothers used to buy sheets and cut them to size to line the cabinets. However, nowadays, various options are available, allowing you to choose a product that suits your preferences.

Commonly used liners include plastic, foam, and vinyl liners. Plastic liners are ideal for wire shelves, as they create a barrier on the sides to prevent items from falling out. Foam liners are suitable for shelves where fragile items are stored, as they provide cushioning. Finally, vinyl liners are affordable and versatile, making them suitable for various uses.

One thing to be careful about is that liners with adhesive on the back can be a bit troublesome to remove later, so be cautious.

With this, we conclude the series of 20 DIY projects that anyone can do.

I'll see you next time with more useful and enjoyable content.

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