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Bathroom Trends - Part 1

Following the positive response to the Kitchen Decor Trends series, let's explore the Bathroom Trends, with insights from an article in Pure Wow magazine.

1.) Comfortable Spaces

This aspect differs slightly from the kitchen decor trends. Next year, the trend seems to be tranquil and calming bathroom atmospheres. Anticipated features include monochromatic cabinets and walls, as well as natural materials like thick stone vanity tops.

2.) Nature-Friendly Atmosphere

The accessories filling bathroom spaces are expected to lean towards nature-friendly items. For instance, using plant pots or, if too much greenery, opting for items in relaxing green hues to add a sense of comfort to the bathroom.

3.) Freestanding Tubs

This trend, which started a few years ago, is expected to continue. Freestanding tubs, detached from the wall, are likely to remain popular. Especially noteworthy is the prediction that the materials of these tubs will shift towards natural options like stone, departing from the conventional cast iron.

Stay tuned for more insights on the Bathroom Trends in the upcoming articles.

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