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Bathroom Trends - Part 2

Since the response to the Kitchen Trends series was positive, let's explore the Bathroom Trends this time.

I'll share my thoughts on the Bathroom Trends article covered by Pure Wow magazine.

  • Wet Rooms

Shall we call it a shower room? Creating a small space in dry American bathrooms where you can clean in a wet environment is becoming a significant trend. Over the past few years, there has been a growing trend of installing a bathtub in one space and a shower booth in another for homes with two or more bathrooms.

Now, it's not just shower booths; it's common to see bathtubs installed within these wet rooms. Americans are increasingly realizing that wet spaces are more convenient for actual bathing.

  • Warm and Natural Color Harmony

This part aligns with points 1 and 2 from the previous article. Comfortable and warm colors like brown, light blush pink, and light green will be the dominating colors for decorating bathrooms in 2022. If you are considering repainting, remember that these warm colors are the new trend, rather than modern colors.

  • Curves

This aspect contrasts with kitchen trends. Bathroom trends lean towards curves. Therefore, designs for vanities and fixtures will feature more curved designs. However, personally, I think it might take a few years for these curved designs to fully take hold. Many new houses are still decorating bathrooms with straight-line designs.

In the next article, I will continue to write about the Bathroom Trends.

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