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How to Take Good Listing Photos - Part 1

In the previous post, I talked about the importance of listing photos.

So, how can we ensure that these important listing photos come out well?

Let's explore that aspect.

  • Always Consider the Background

You need to think about how the background will appear in the photo.

In other words, if there are too many frames on the wall or too many photos, you should reduce the number to ensure that people's attention is drawn to the house rather than the frames. If there are religious wall decorations, it's also advisable to remove them. If there are windows visible in the background, make sure they are clean. Similarly, if the top of shelves is messy, make sure the viewer's gaze isn't fixated there but directed towards the overall house. If books on shelves are not neatly arranged, it's the same. Before taking the photo, simplify and tidy everything up so that attention isn't focused on one area of the photo.

  • Clean the Lights as Much as Possible

Remove all dust from the lights and bulbs. Make sure to clean the lampshades as well. Of course, if multiple bulbs are used in a light fixture, they should match.

  • Remove all Accumulated Dust

In living, dust tends to accumulate in various places around the house. Be sure to remove all this dust. When taking photos, these dust particles reflect the flash's light and become more noticeable in the photo than you might expect.

  • Pay Attention to Props

The main purpose of props is not to make the house look pretty, but to allow viewers to understand the utility of each space in the house. Therefore, coordinate the tone and manner as neatly as possible to highlight the utility of each space. For example, as I mentioned in the previous post, a home office is essential nowadays. Therefore, if you show a specific space in the house as a home office through props, this house will attract more attention than a house without a home office.

Also, avoid excessive setups. For example, putting wine glasses and bottles in the bathroom to give the impression that "this house is completely staged" is not a good idea.

In the next post, I'll continue discussing how to take good listing photos.

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