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Kitchen Decor Trends - Part 1

Just like other parts of the house, the kitchen undergoes noticeable transformations, and there's no denying its impact. Fortunately, The Kitchn magazine has recently written an article on the 2022 kitchen decoration trends. Let's dive into it with my thoughts.

  • Colorful Cabinetry

For those with a keen sense of style, the era of white cabinets is gradually fading. Instead, cabinets with vibrant colors are gaining popularity, and some are even opting for bold and daring hues. In 2022, cabinets with such lively colors are emerging as a prominent trend.

  • Utilizing Existing Elements

Due to various reasons, the availability of materials has become limited, leading to an increase in prices. This scarcity is expected to influence kitchen decor trends. Rather than replacing with new items, there's a shift towards adding new colors to existing cabinets or applying paint. More homeowners are likely to focus on decorating within budget constraints, utilizing existing materials and spaces to create accent walls and other decorative elements.

  • Black Accents and Appliances

For the past decade, stainless steel appliances have been dominant. As with any new trend, initially, only trendsetters embraced stainless steel appliances. Typically, the lifespan of appliances is around 8 years. So, the time has come or has already passed for these trendsetters to replace their appliances. They find stainless steel boring and too commonly used. As a result, manufacturers have introduced a new color - black stainless. The prediction is that black stainless or black satin appliances will now become the new trend, allowing homeowners to give their homes a more trendy appearance.

Stay tuned for the next article, where I'll continue to explore the kitchen trends.

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