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Kitchen Decor Trends - Part 2

Just like other parts of the house, the kitchen undergoes noticeable transformations, and there's no denying its impact. Fortunately, The Kitchn magazine has recently written an article on the 2022 kitchen decoration trends. Continuing from the previous article, let me share my thoughts on this.

  • Multiple Island Tables

Island tables in the kitchen are incredibly useful spaces if maintained at an appropriate size. They serve various purposes, from preparing meals to serving and even dining. Recently, double island tables have been observed in newly constructed houses, and experts predict that this double island trend will become even more prominent.

  • Patterned Flooring

Adding patterns to what might seem like a plain kitchen has been an important trend for quite some time. Next year, the trend is expected to extend to the flooring, introducing more noticeable patterns. However, it's essential to exercise caution – too many diverse patterns in one place can make the kitchen look chaotic. Therefore, adding patterns to the floor can be complemented by keeping other elements more subdued, creating a sophisticated and upscale kitchen.

  • Eliminating Upper Cabinets

This trend started gaining popularity about 2-3 years ago and has now become a mainstream kitchen decor shape. Especially popular among younger individuals, the absence of upper cabinets gives the home a trendy and clean appearance compared to older cabinet styles. However, it's worth noting that while it may look aesthetically pleasing, the practicality involves dealing with dust accumulation and additional cleaning requirements. Knowing these potential inconveniences beforehand is advisable.

Stay tuned for the next article where I will continue to explore the kitchen decor trends.

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