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Outdoor Space is Essential Nowadays – Part 1

Selling a House – Outdoor Space is Essential Nowadays – Part 1

Many people building homes post-COVID are requesting architects to include home office spaces and outdoor areas in their designs.

This demand is not only from those constructing houses but also from potential homebuyers. Therefore, if the house you are currently selling has well-designed home office spaces and outdoor areas, the demand is likely to increase, leading to a quicker sale or a better selling price.

However, what if the yard of the house is small, and there is not much outdoor space available?

While it's a straightforward matter, you can enhance the appeal by making the existing space look sophisticated and charming. Over the next three posts, I'll provide tips on how to maximize the luxury and charm of your outdoor space.

The following methods are interpretations based on a blog post from the Wayfair website.

  1. Well-maintained Grass:

Ensure that the grass is well-maintained, like a pitch from a famous soccer team, neatly trimmed, and orderly. Well-kept grass tends to create a positive impression. In my experience, people often respond positively, saying, "It's great that there's not much grass to mow." Therefore, keeping the grass clean and tidy is essential. Avoid overcrowding the yard with too many flowers and decorative plants, as they can make the outdoor space look cluttered.

  1. Choose a Single Decor Style:

Tuscany Style

There are various decor styles for outdoor spaces, such as Tuscan, Zen, modern, industrial, etc. Even if you like multiple styles, stick to just one. Having more than one style in the same space can make it look cluttered and cheap.

Zen Style

  1. Tone and Manner:

Tuscany Style Furniture

Industrial Style Furniture

The furniture and decor style, such as Tuscany style or industrial theme, should align to create a more luxurious look. In other words, focus on the big picture and choose furniture and decor that match the selected style.

Today's content, metaphorically speaking, is like preparing a canvas and deciding what style of painting to create. The next post will discuss how to use the chosen style and artistic tools.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Thank you!

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