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Preparing for Inspection 3

Understanding the enemy and knowing oneself, a hundred battles without danger.

This phrase comes from the Art of War by Sun Tzu, implying that if you know both your enemy and yourself, you can fight a hundred battles without danger.

When it comes to selling a house, one of the most fearful moments for sellers might be the inspection, especially for houses that haven't been well-maintained. However, if you know what aspects inspectors check and prepare for them in advance, addressing any fixable issues beforehand, sellers can handle buyer demands more confidently.

Now, let's explore what inspectors typically check during an inspection, continuing from the previous post.


Verify the manufacturing year of the furnace, water heater, and AC condenser.

  • In contracts like those in Illinois, if these systems function properly and pose no harm to occupants despite their age, they're considered acceptable. However, aging HVAC systems often deter buyers due to potential costly replacements. Offering a home warranty to buyers can alleviate such concerns.

Inspect the internal and external condition of HVAC systems.

  • Look for signs of leaks, rust, or other damages on the furnace and water heater.

Assess the maintenance level of HVAC systems.

  • To prepare for this, it's advisable to have an HVAC specialist conduct routine maintenance before listing the house. Addressing any malfunctions beforehand can provide leverage during negotiations.

  • Ensure the thermostat functions correctly.

  • Check if the AC condenser's lines are well-insulated.

  • Verify if there's a drip pan under the water heater. While not crucial, it's a good practice.

  • Inspect heating ducts for cleanliness and visible issues.

Inspectors primarily examine these aspects concerning HVAC systems. Therefore, conducting a pre-inspection and repairing any identified issues in advance can be beneficial.

In the next post, we'll explore what inspectors check regarding household appliances.

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