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Preparing for Inspection 4

Knowing the Enemy and Knowing Yourself, You Can Fight a Hundred Battles without Danger

This is a saying from Sun Tzu's Art of War, which means that if you know your enemy and yourself, you will not be endangered in a hundred battles.

When thinking about what sellers fear most in the process of selling a house, could it be inspections? Especially in the case of homes that haven't been well-maintained for a long time, this fear might be even greater.

However, if you know in advance what aspects are checked during an inspection and fix what can be fixed beforehand, or if you mentally prepare for it, wouldn't you be able to handle the buyer's demands more confidently?

So, let's find out what aspects are checked during an inspection, following the previous post.


  • Check if the cooktop is functioning properly.

For gas cooktops, also ensure that the gas isn't leaking.

  • Check if the oven is functioning properly.

Sometimes leaving it on can cause smoke and a burning smell. It's better to avoid such situations.

  • Check if the microwave is functioning properly.

A common method is to put a wet kitchen towel or paper towel in a bowl of water and microwave it for about 20 seconds.

  • Check if the dishwasher is functioning properly and if there are no leaks.

Inspectors usually run a full cycle of the dishwasher to confirm its operation.

  • Check if the refrigerator is working properly.

Put your hand inside or use a temperature gauge to check the internal temperature. If the refrigerator has an ice-making or water dispenser feature, ensure that water is coming out properly and that ice is being made correctly.

  • Check if the washing machine is functioning properly and if there are no leaks.

For top-load washers, some inspectors check if the water drains properly by filling it with water and letting it drain.

  • Check if the dryer is functioning properly and if the dryer ducts are properly connected without excessive lint buildup.

In the next post, we will explore what inspectors check regarding doors, floors, walls, and other related aspects.

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