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Selling a House - Preparation Checklist – 4

Customers and readers who are considering selling their homes often ask a lot of questions about what preparations are needed to ensure that the house sells well.

In the previous posts, we looked at what needs to be done to convey the basic sense of "this house is well-maintained."

Starting today, let's talk about preparations to ensure that the listing photos, which are essential for attracting more potential buyers, come out well.

But why are photos so important?

The photos that prospective buyers see on platforms like Zillow are their first impression of the house. Have you ever tried blind dates before? The first thing you see is the photo. Just as someone in a photo needs to look appealing to make you want to know more about them, the same goes for houses.

Before scheduling a visit, people need to like the overall vibe of the house from the photos. So, what preparations are necessary to ensure that these crucial photos turn out well?

  1. Remove old curtains from the house.

What looks pretty to you might not look the same to others. If the curtains in your house have been hanging for more than 5 years or if their patterns are too busy, consider removing them boldly. Both people looking at the photos and those coming to see the house in person are likely to perceive the house as old-fashioned or tacky. Frankly, windows without any curtains are much better than these types of curtains.

  1. Put away personal photos and belongings. Your house should appeal to as broad an audience as possible.

Unless you're confident in decorating your house like a professional interior designer (which most people aren't), making your house as neutral as possible is crucial. Personal photos, religious decorations, and the like should be stored out of sight. Just a note, I once left a house immediately because of a decoration with a certain political slogan written on it, and I've had customers walk out of a house as soon as they saw family photos due to racial reasons.

  1. Clear away small items.

Even if your house is spotless, having small trinkets lying around can make it look cluttered and less tidy. Tidying up is important, but before that, it's essential to put away small items where they won't be visible.

In the next post, we'll discuss tips for making a good first impression when people come to see the house.

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