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Selling a House - Preparation Checklist – 5

Customers and readers who are considering selling their homes often ask a lot of questions about what preparations are needed to ensure that the house sells well.

Continuing from the previous post, let's introduce preparations essential for ensuring that the listing photos, which are crucial for selling a house successfully, come out well.

But why are photos so important?

The photos that prospective buyers see on platforms like Zillow are their first impression of the house. Have you ever tried blind dates before? The first thing you see is the photo. Just as someone in a photo needs to look appealing to make you want to know more about them, the same goes for houses. Before scheduling a visit, people need to like the overall vibe of the house from the photos. So, what preparations are necessary to ensure that these crucial photos turn out well?

  1. Clean the windows.

Taking interior photos for real estate involves taking two photos, one with minimal exposure and one with maximum exposure, and merging them. This allows both the interior and the view outside the window to appear clearly. Therefore, the cleaner the windows, the fresher the photos will look.

  1. Cleaning is a given.

Both the interior and exterior of the house should be thoroughly cleaned. Before taking photos, make sure to tidy up the house as much as possible. If you clean well at this time, you can maintain a well-kept impression of the house throughout the listing period with minimal touch-ups.

  1. Curbside appeal

Curbside appeal is just as important as photos. Not only does a front-facing shot in photos make people curious, but it also sets the first impression when people visit the house in person. I recommend paying close attention to curbside appeal and making it look bright and welcoming.

As you may have noticed while reading, the preparations for getting good photos are actually preparations for when the house showings begin.

In the next post, we'll discuss what you need to prepare for when buyers come to see the house in person.

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