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Selling a House - Preparation Checklist - Part 1

Customers and readers who are considering selling their homes often ask many questions about what preparations they need to make to ensure that their homes sell well.

Do you happen to like "Gostop"? In Gostop, you need to reach 3 points to make a decision whether to "Go" or "Stop". Yes, 3 points are said to be the basis of victory.

Starting today, through this series, I will introduce the basic contents corresponding to those 3 points. Dare I say, decisions like upgrading the bathroom or kitchen should be considered only after completing these basics.

The most important point is to give the feeling, "This house has been well maintained."

Even buyers who have no prior knowledge of construction can feel whether a house has been well maintained or not when they see it. Naturally, if similar-sized and priced houses are compared, a well-maintained house will sell well.

Even if you have been neglecting maintenance until now, before taking listing photos of your home, you should proceed with the following:

  • Make sure all the light bulbs in the house are working.

Sometimes, you may find a few light bulbs missing in sockets with many bulbs, or the light in the closet may not work, or the bulb colors in a multi-bulb light may be different. Address these issues so that there are no empty sockets, all the light bulbs in the house are working properly, and the colors of bulbs in one lighting fixture are consistent.

  • Fix any minor faults in advance.

Repair cabinet latches or handles in the kitchen, door handles in rooms or closets, etc. If window locks are broken or missing, fix or replace them. Also, adjust cabinet doors and handles to be well aligned. Many buyers change their minds due to such minor issues while viewing a house with good feelings. Think of it as being on a great blind date and suddenly losing interest because you notice spinach and red pepper stuck in the other person's teeth.

  • Check the caulking in the bathrooms and kitchen, and clean or replace it if there are dirty areas.

The kitchen and bathroom are arguably the cleanest spaces in a home. Therefore, people unconsciously lose interest in a house when they see dirty bathrooms or kitchens. One of the easiest ways to make these bathrooms and kitchens look clean is to replace the caulking.

In the next article, I will divide additional tasks that can give the feeling that the house is well maintained.

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