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Selling a House - Preparation Checklist - Part 3

Customers and readers who are considering selling a house often ask what preparations they need to make to ensure their house sells well.

Do you happen to like "Gostop"? In Gostop, you need to reach 3 points to make a decision to declare "Go!" or "Stop!" Yes, achieving 3 points is the basis of victory. Starting today, through this series, I will introduce the basics, corresponding to 3 points. Dare I say, additional decisions such as upgrading bathrooms or kitchens should be considered only after mastering these basics.

The most important point is to give the impression that "this house is well-maintained."

Even buyers with no prior knowledge of architecture can feel whether a house has been well-maintained or not at first glance. Naturally, if houses of similar size and price are compared, a well-maintained house tends to sell well.

Even if you've been neglectful of maintenance so far, before taking listing photos of your house, you should at least do the following:

  • Thoroughly clean underutilized spaces.

Usually, spaces like basements, parking lots, or mechanical rooms housing furnaces or water heaters are often not well-cleaned. By organizing and tidying up such spaces, clearing cobwebs and accumulated dust, and replacing bulbs to brighten up the area, you can give your house a distinctiveness compared to others.

  • Pay attention to landscaping.

An untidy yard with overgrown shrubs and small trees can create a negative image of the house. Make sure to maintain the lawn, and ensure that small trees and decorative plants are well-groomed.

The first two images above depict untidy house situations. How would you feel if you went to see a house and its yard looked like the first two images?

Conversely, if the situation is as depicted in the latter two images, how would you feel? These subtle differences become factors that either help sell a house quickly or keep it on the market for longer.

Now, you can see that the tasks to give the impression that the house is well-maintained are completed. In the next article, I will share tips on how to take good photos and make a positive first impression when people come to see the house.

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