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About Sq. Footage - Part 2

As you know, in the United States, house sizes are typically measured in square feet (sq ft) due to the non-use of the metric system. However, some houses may appear significantly larger or smaller than their stated square footage. Why is that?

Certainly, factors like the amount of light entering the house, wall colors, decorations, and layout can make a house appear larger. However, there's more to it than just that. In fact, it's common in the market for houses, particularly in Illinois, to list square footage in a way that exaggerates the actual size by omitting areas that shouldn't be included or by inflating measurements. This tactic is used because if two houses are priced similarly, but one appears larger based on square footage, it naturally garners more interest from buyers, potentially leading to more visits.

However, unfortunately, such visitors are often left disappointed upon realizing the actual size.

Another scenario is when inexperienced real estate agents on the buyer's side might mistakenly believe the given square footage is accurate and end up overpaying for a property.

Continuing from the previous discussion, let's explore further how square footage can be inflated:

Seasons room or Sunroom:

  • Many private homes in the United States feature a sunroom, which is a space with windows on three sides to let in sunlight and enjoy views during the day. If this space is equipped with heating and cooling, it should logically be included in the square footage. However, many sunrooms lack proper climate control. Some may even have no windows, only screens. In such cases, these sunrooms may only be usable in summer or might not be usable at all in winter. Despite this, it's common for such spaces to be included in the overall square footage, even though they shouldn't be.

The house listed above advertises 2607 sq ft, but the actual taxable living space, according to tax records, is only 1970 sq ft.

Remember, it's essential to be aware that there are instances where non-climate-controlled sunrooms are included in the square footage.

In the next part, we'll explore other methods used to inflate square footage.

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