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Are you curious about American homes? (Detached Single Family Home - part 1)

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

House shapes in the United States are broadly divided into four categories:

1. Detached Single Family Home

2. Attached Single Family Home

3. Multi-unit

4. Mobile park home

So, let's talk about each type and their pros and cons.

1. Detached Single Family Home

This is what we usually call a single house.

The land on which the buildings and houses are built, and even the sky above the land, can be regarded as the property of the owner on the house document. Currently, the average size of a private home in the United States is 2633 sq ft.


- Except for changes in the structure of the house, large-scale water and sewage works, or large-scale electrical works, the owner can freely change the inside and outside of the house.

- You can enjoy maximum freedom within the given rules and regulations. There may be rules and regulations given by the Community or Subdivision, so please check carefully when you move.

- The fluctuation rate of house prices is more severe than other housing types. Yes, when house prices go up, this type of house’s price goes up significantly.


- Lots of work. Lawn mowing, house exterior maintenance, yard maintenance, etc. Everything is the homeowner's job. Keeping the houses in the same condition as the TV shows is impossible without sacrificing one day of every weekend into the house, or paying some money to companies. (Of course, If you spend same amount of money that you could pay the association fee (also called HOA) and hire companies, you will be able to live comfortably and freely.)

- However, in the case of Detached Single, association fees may be collected for convenience facilities (swimming pool, tennis court, etc.) and landscaping in many subdivisions. Although the amount is not large compared to Attached Single, it can be a burden to those who do not use many amenities, so check it when you move.

- It is a double-edged sword that house prices fluctuate more than other housing types. Yes, when the market is bad and house prices fall, the fall is steeper than other types.

Classification according to form

1. 2 story house

In general, the most common types of houses are two-story houses. A typical structure of a 2600 sq ft two-story house in the Chicago area is as follows:

- 3 to 5 Rooms

- 2 to 3 bathrooms (If there is only toilet and sink, it is considered a 0.5 bath)

- Living room

- Family room

- Dining room

- Kitchen

- Laundry room

- 2 to 3 car Garage(some old houses have only one-car garage. Also, about half of the houses built before 1940 do not have a garage connected to the house.)

- The lot area is about 0.2 acre

The size of the house can be increased by adding parts such as a den or office space, a sunroom, a walk-in closet in the bedroom, and a walk-in pantry in the kitchen.

(Walk-in closet)


In the next post, we will look at other types of Detached Single Family Home.

Thank you.

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